An academic institution’s success mantra for quality Placements

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3 min readJul 6, 2017

An academic institution can be considered as one of the best institutions across the globe only, when their placements are highly appreciated. Admission seekers from all over the world want to get enrolled in those prestigious institutions only where the management takes utmost care of their placements. In this era of highly competitive habitat, for any institution beating the competitors and excel is not at all an easy cake walk. Let us introspect, the various parameters that make AAFT, an undisputed global leader in imparting quality media education. To shape your future via journalism and mass communication, you have to be more interactive and workaholic.

True institutions are those where course content and teaching methodology can pave a platform for placements. If institutions are not able to provide placements to their students, then institutes are bound to get close eventually.

Institutions are required to design their course structure and teaching methodology in such a way, so that it reduces the gulf between academics and industry. As an aftermath, it accelerates placements of their under graduate and post graduate students comfortably.

“Placements” is the buzz word and the only success mantra of any institution. Let’s ponder the crucial strategies; an institute should execute to make placements a grand success year on year. To deliver quality placement to the students which is the ultimate selling preposition, the faculty members must focus on their content delivery in the class room by the audio visual aid and to have “revert presentations” from students. This boosts up their confidence and enhances their communication skills as well.

The motto of any institution must be to enhance their students’ communication skills immensely, so that they can show their dynamism at the time of interview. Moreover, when strong content, effective communication skill and soft skill are being merged in a perfect blend, miracles are bound to get happen at the Placement front. It has been researched that Journalism courses from various renowned institutes are functioning up to the mark and delivering talents year by year.

AAFT fosters employability skills among students, so that they can be placed. For any institution, this has to be done religiously. The institute should practice conducting “Employability Enhancement Classes, (EEC). The students have to undergo through the rigor of this curriculum which encompasses; Practicing spoken English ,Vocabulary building and its application, Positive body language, Resume drafting, Presentation skills, Effective writing skills, Expectation Management, Corporate etiquettes, Mechanism to crack interviews, Conducting psychometric interviews, Mock interviews and infusing Professionalism.

Placements are only possible when faculty members deliver ample of content and the students know how to express and revert the same content at the time of interview. An institute of repute believes, that students can express their views and content in front of the recruiting organizations only, when they have been grilled through the overall placement process successfully and faculty members leave no stone unturned to make their students employable to propel their career further.



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