Filmmaking: School Knowledge or Practical Knowledge?

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2 min readMay 15, 2023

“What a shot!” That is all you want to hear, right? To achieve this wow reaction, one practice for long nights and days. This includes the technical aspects of planning everything on a film set, from pre-production to the production stage. This all comes with time, years of knowledge, practice, and dedication to brushing up your skills. Many filmmaking aspirants ask whether to enroll in filmmaking courses or land directly in the field of filmmaking as an assistant for any role. As this is one of the most important and asked questions among the aspirants, we are going to talk on this topic to clear up the confusion and help aspirants in making the right choice before reaching the surface of filmmaking. Let’s discuss whether one should go to a filmmaking school or take oneself off to filmmaking studios.

Filmmaking School

So, people do not prefer going to a film school either because they are very little interested in it or because they are not sure about it and think that it is a waste of time and money, whereas most of the aspirants do not even know about film schools nearby. People who know about it go to filmmaking colleges in Delhi or Mumbai. One is supposed to enroll in a filmmaking college to grow in the industry. You may learn the basics of filmmaking in the field, but you would not be able to achieve the technical knowledge and aspects of filmmaking necessary to avoid blunders on the film set. A filmmaking school directs you to reach your destination while teaching you the motive of shots, their technical names and reasons behind them, and their depictions.

Fimmaking Course

On-field School

Here, the ones who are not sure about film schools, dare to work on-field in the filmmaking industry and struggle for a long time to make their appearance in the industry. It is not because of a lack of hard work; it is because of a lack of proper guidance and technical knowledge. On-field knowledge is no doubt very insightful, but it is also a long road to go on. That is the reason few aspirants enroll themselves in a film direction course before going on a film set: to have a better understanding of every aspect from the pre-production stage to the distribution stage, from the order of lights to the action!


It is clear that enrolling in a filmmaking school is very necessary before working on a film set to have a better knowledge of every aspect of filmmaking. It’s a must to have technical knowledge of every department in filmmaking. This helps one avoid blunders on film sets and smooths the journey of their career.



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