Gain Mastery in the Domain Journalism through Varied Programs

In last few decades with the boom in internet technology, the field of mass communication and journalism has seen a phenomenal growth. With different mediums of mass communication around, today it has become possible to reach out to people anywhere and everywhere no matter which part of the world they may be. Mass Communication is a means of transmission of message or information to more and more numbers of people in quickest way using least resources. Previously journalism was the main source of transmitting information but now there are other means such as digital, television, radio, and print media through which this task is attained. Degree courses or 1-year diploma in mass communication helps the aspirants to gain the expertise of this field.

Mass media uses various popular mediums like newspaper, television, digital technology, and advertising to reach out to more and more numbers of people to spread the information. This has opened gateway to numerous career opportunities for the aspiring students who want to make their careers in this domain. With boom in television and digital world, a career in journalism is not only lucrative but also very competitive and challenging. There is a constant race among the journalists of the newspapers and television to be the first one to report an event or news. Through journalism schools, the aspirant can acquire the relevant skills and knowledge of this domain.

AAFT is one of the oldest and best media schools in Noida, which is offering courses of diploma, and other UG, and PG degree courses. AAFT has infrastructure of international standards, a huge campus, ultra- modern computer labs and studios all of which help the students are exposed to varied dimensions of journalism. Here the aspirants get all the academic and industry-relevant knowledge through their wide curriculum. Further, they are also trained under the guidance of most experienced teachers and veterans of the industry through vocational trainings, live projects, workshops, sessions, and seminars. At AAFT, the aspirants learn all sorts of expertise and nuances of this domain, which gives them great confidence to perform at their optimum level in their career.



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