Prominence of Mass Media Education

AAFT Mass Communication
2 min readDec 26, 2017


Mass media education may be the stepping-stone for the passionate aspirants to enter in the world of media industry in India and overseas. Mass communication courses on various levels are the mediums to be an expert for various different roles and responsibilities. Journalism and mass communication schools are the one-stop destinations for those who want to enter in the world of TV journalists, editors, radio jockeys, publishers, etc. Learning Journalism gives exposure to the advanced and enhanced study and exercises to give best shot at various established domains of electronic and print media.

Inside the nexus of various leading and top journalism colleges in India, School of Journalism under the umbrella of AAFT is one of the oldest institutions that impart quality education among the passionate learners. Experts and skilled professionals inside the institution train the army of students through excellent education programs, exercises and interactive sessions. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate and short-term courses of journalism and mass communication under one roof.

In terms of opportunities in the field of media, there are various platforms or domains such as news channels, newspapers, magazines, publications, radio channels, advertising companies, public relation companies, etc. A mass media graduate may grab an opportunity in the area of his/her expertise. Some of the prominent locations in Northern region of India have been the hubs of established journalism domains and for education center as well. Delhi-NCR is one of the oldest and leading centers of established electronic and print media houses.

In addition, these top most media companies or business houses demand well educated, passionate, hardworking, creative, enthusiastic and skilled aspirants to boost their work mechanism and for new ideas. One can perform with his/her set of skills and excellent knowledge at one of the leading media houses wither print or electronic. Media studies are the blend of interesting and informative subjects where one studies about crime beat, political, health, education, etc.

Therefore, education in this prominent field may be the stepping-stone to any successful attempt in the industry of media and other entertainment domains in India and overseas. Aspirants with the education profile and background in media studies have numerous options to earn well and establish career. It is witnessed that, aspirants have been showing interest to be proficient and expert in the profession of journalism. As per the industry experts and professionals, journalism courses are considered essential for the passionate army of aspirants, who wish to establish professional career in media world